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MODELLE INTERNATIONAL organizes special lectures based on Photo modelling. These courses are open to anyone who would like to experiment the way


photos can be taken and how to create a good shoot.

This consists of 6 weeks based purely on photographic modelling which also include:


Model’s Presentation
Presenting a Portfolio
Body language
Preparing for the photo shoots – (outdoors & studios)
Posing for photography facial expressions.
Being a photographer yourself.

(all photos will be examined and discussed during the lessons).


You will have the opportunity to participate in various test shoots and finally you will build up your own portfolio.



As an introduction to enter into the modelling sector one should always consider to start with a basic modelling course which will be a start to introduce catwalk modelling, building a good posture, having your first photo shoot, and if you succeed you will be also introduced for various fashion shows, once you have completed your course, and after gaining some confidence and experience.

This will lead you to various opportunities since you will be meeting other models, sponsors and clients. People will start getting to know you and once you will do your job well and as requested. Our courses are based on 10 weeks, meeting once a week at our studio. Courses commence every 3months. course are open for both males & females directed by Sue Rossi & Kurt Pisani.


Booking is always required as early as possible.


We also offer the Advanced modelling course, which normally have students who have already completed the Basic modelling course.



This is a continuation from the basic to the advanced level. The course takes up to 10 weeks meeting once a week for practice of catwalk and other education lectures based on Fashion & Beauty. This course is also instructed by Sue & Kurt

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