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Ms Sue Rossi is the organiser and founder of the agency which has been celebrating fashion for over 37 years.

Sue looks back at the past with courage to move forward. Such encouragement derives from her previous models who have since started a family and enrolled their children in the academy. Participants have also become TV presenters whilst others ventured into modelling assignments abroad.

“I must say I was a lucky young lady. When my modelling career took off, I had the opportunity to travel and work with models from overseas who had already made a good name for themselves. Some of my work featured on the international magazine PIC (People in Camera)."

Each year models join the agency to get various opportunities and gain a personality boost. The agency is well-known internationally where modelling assignments have been organised with models and photographers who feature their work world-wide. 

Awarded the Iconic Modelling Educator during the Malta Fashion Award 2023

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